sepia me

I am Lydia Marie Koehn.

Since there is only one kind of Me, it’s hard to find definitive labels on earth with which to relate a description of who that person is.  If you like to settle for defining yourself by what you do or what you like, then you might find the following helpful in placing my person in a more concrete category:

Current Life Status: Studying abroad in Salvador da Bahia, Brasil

U.S. Occupation: Senior double-major in Communication Studies & International Studies at the University of Michigan

U.S. Home: Detroit, Michigan

Family Position: Middle child

What I Really Like to Do: Be by myself, reading, writing, and thinking

Best-Loved Treat to Eat: Frozen Yogurt with Pretzels

Dreams, hopes, and desires: Forthcoming, as this head is still learning to connect with this heart.

Follow me as I follow God and explore this soul along the way. 

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